We are offering a variety of professional services ranging from simple consultations to delivering the final complete product of the client's desired project.

Every projects has different needs, but that doesn't mean you should adjust your original project to match the capabilities of the web developing agency. It should be the absolute opposite, agencies should adapt to your need, and Haleks precisely does.

We have taken an oath to inform the clients of the best available options, explaining the upside and the downside of each options and give our professional recommendation. Ultimately, the choice will always remains yours to make, we will never force a product on you.

We are dedicated to making the digital side of your business a success.


Building the best websites on the market is a passion for us. Not only are our websites engaging, attractive, they are also well built.

You may not see the 'behind the scene' but it plays a vital role your project's performance. Think of it as the engine of a car.

Although we specialize in building optimized and fully responsive websites, we are also adept in other programming related services. Such as developing apps or softwares.

These are some of our Codes related services:
Web Development
App Development
Software Development


The quality of design of your logo, website, flyers, and everything else promotional directly affects the impression you give your clients.

A poorly designed branding gives the impression that your work or your product also lacks in quality whereas an impressive design could give the illusion that a mediocre product is of superior quality.

Our goal is to put together professional designs that properly reflect your business and give you the attention you deserve.

These are some of our Graphics related services:
Web Design
Graphic Design


There are a lot of other services related to web development. But don't worry, we have you covered.

We offer various other services related to codes and graphics, such as VPS (Virtual Private Server) web hosting that will be built specifically for your project needs and for performance. Content creation and social marketing to populate your website and/or social networks.

Do you simply want informations for your project, because you are not sure the product offered to you is up to par with today's technology? Send us an email with your current project specs and we'll send you our analysis free of charge.

These are some of our Services related services:
Web Maintenance
Web Hosting
Social Marketing
Content Creation